10 Most Common Repairs Needed by a Vehicle

With regular maintenance, you can prevent costly repairs of a vehicle. Whatever type of vehicle you choose, it may be vulnerable to several breakdowns or persistent wearing. Over time, a car may need some common repairs that are inevitable to ensure its smooth run. These common repairs may include:

1. Getting the Oxygen Sensors Replaced

An oxygen sensor is one of the most important components of a car. This device in the exhaust system detects the non-combustible oxygen to ensure better performance. It is designed for longevity. However, this sensor may need a replacement after the car completes 100,000 to 150,000 miles of a smooth run.

2. Getting the Thermostat Replaced

The thermostat of older cars is more vulnerable to damage. This device constantly monitors the engine temperature and shares this information with the car’s system. To improve the engine performance, it should be repaired and replaced in time.

3. Getting the Catalytic Converter Replaced

As an important device in the exhaust system, it neutralizes the harmful gases like carbon monoxide. You can elongate its lifespan and improve its performance with regular maintenance. When other components of the exhaust system wear, the catalytic converter also undergoes some damage.

4. Getting the Spark Plug Replaced

Issues with the spark plugs are commonly found in older cars. This component is very important as it helps in igniting the engine. It is mandatory to get it replaced after a certain time limit to make your vehicle starts promptly every time you go to fire it up.

5. Getting the Brake Pads Replaced

Brakes can be highly sensitive and are an important component from the safety point of view. They are prone to persistent wear and tear. Most commonly, brake pads and rotors may need to be replaced regularly for a better braking system.

6. Getting the Suspension Repaired

If the suspension bushing gets worn with consistent operation, it can lead to leaks in the shock absorbers as well. You need to maintain this component with regular repairs for its longevity.

7. Getting the Transmission Repaired

Whether your car has an automatic transmission or a manual gearbox, it needs timely maintenance and repairs for the durability of your vehicle. It should be inspected upon completion of 40,000 miles on the odometer of your vehicle.

8. Getting the Ignition Coil Repaired

The repairs of the ignition coil are extremely important for smooth running of your vehicle. This device sends the signals to spark plugs for ignition. If it remains unrepaired or unattended, there may be vulnerabilities in the ignition chamber.

9. Getting the Mass Airflow Sensors Replaced

A mass airflow sensor determines the amount of air seeping into the engine. Using this information, the control systems measure the fuel to air ratio of the ignition chamber. This device should be properly maintained with timely repairs.

10. Getting the Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve Repaired

This component is used to regulate the emissions of a vehicle. You should get it repaired or replaced in time to ensure smooth running of your car.

With these basic steps of repairing, you can keep your vehicle performing effectively.


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