3 of the Best Scenic Drives on the East Coast

December 23rd, 2019 by

While you can find amazing natural attractions and beautiful drives all across America, the East Coast is home to some special routes. Here’s just a sample of some of the best East Coast scenic drives!

The Blue Ridge Parkway

No list about scenic drives would be complete without the Blue Ridge Parkway. Easily one of the most popular drives in the U.S., the Blue Ridge Parkways stretches between two states and offers some of the best views in America. The Blue Ridge Parkway starts in Shenandoah National Park in Virginia and ends in western North Carolina near Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Along the way, you’ll find dozens of pullovers, perfect for taking pictures, and you’ll drive through multiple tunnels and along winding mountain roads. Be prepared to stand speechless looking out over the mountains, especially in the fall. It’s a drive everyone should take!

The Overseas Highway on U.S. 1 in Florida

The Overseas Highway on U.S. 1 in Florida is one of the coolest East Coast drives, to say the least. If you’re more a beach person than a mountain person, this is definitely the drive for you. It starts in Miami and ends in Key West and, true to its name, the Overseas Highway on U.S. 1 covers 113 miles of ocean water and featuring 42 bridges along the way. Once you reach the end of the highway in Key West, reward yourself a slice of authentic Key Lime Pie!

U.S. 17 from Charleston to Savannah

Driving U.S. 17 from Charleston to Savannah is a must for anyone who loves history as much as they do driving. Both cities are rich in culture and American history, offering you a glimpse into our America’s past while also presenting with beautiful Southern coastal views. The drive isn’t very long, but the marshes, wildlife and beautiful architecture in both cities make the drive absolutely worth it. Plus, both Charleston and Savannah have attractions, food and drinks!

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