5 Classic Car Designs That Still Rule Your Heart

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Classic cars are vehicles that remain legendary in their style despite undergoing several transformations to stay updated with the latest technology. They become a lifestyle product and command a premium price. The leading brands like Volkswagen, Honda, Ford, and GM have introduced many masterpieces that still rule the market due to their timeless appeal. Here is a roundup of five such classic cars that can still make your heart skip a beat when they swish past you.

1. Volkswagen Beetle:

This automobile has defined the term of classic cars in its truest sense. It was launched in 1945 after years of deliberation and hard work of the developers. Beetle was one of the first rear-engined cars in the market. It was manufactured when Adolf Hitler asked Porsche to make a vehicle similar to the Bug that was ruling the roads since 1938. It is the longest running and most manufactured car in the world that is still in production. With its curvy lines, the iconic form of Beetle has remained unchanged though it has now become more aggressive with muscular line and flared wheel arches added to its styling.

2. Volkswagen Santana:

It was introduced by Volkswagen in 1981 as a three-box sedan. The company used different names for sedan versions of this car. It is the second generation Passat that retained its top position in the South American and Chinese market for a long time. The car underwent significant transformation when it was launched in Brazil. It has an impressive B2 platform and a sleek design that is admired till today.

3. Ford Mustang:

This muscular classic is dominating the roads with its timeless design and a distinctive horse emblem embellished right in the front. Over the years, the base model design has remained unchanged while the trim versions have been revamped by the company to match the existing competition. Its classy specs and improved features make it a top contender in this list. The 2015 model of Mustang was completely revolutionized with 435 horsepower and torque of 400 ft-lbs.

4. Nissan GT-R:

GT-R became an instant classic when the Japanese manufacturer launched it in 2008 as a luxury sports coupe. The stunning design and impressive performance of this vehicle made it an admired car in its segment. To maintain its pace and face the competition posed by its successors, GT-R had undergone several changes that lead to an improved horsepower and torque.

5. Porsche 911:

Porsche has always been instrumental in revamping the space for classic vehicles. When it was introduced five decades back, the experts anticipated this car to become a game changer for the luxury sports segment. In its journey since then, this car has remained iconic in terms of design and performance. It ranked among the league of all time favorites during the 1999 car of the century competition. To keep it ahead of the contest, Porsche reinvented the specs of this car to make it more powerful and efficient.

These are the top picks for the classic models that will never go out of style. They come with a heavier price tag and are completely worth this value.

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