5 Dangerous Driving Habits to Break

October 2nd, 2018 by

Most of the time, car accidents can be extremely serious and even fatal. Without your knowing, there may be some dangerous driving habits that make you prone to these accidents. Modern vehicles are designed with excellent safety features but dangerous driving always puts the drivers at risk of injuring themselves or fellow passengers. Here are some extremely dangerous driving habits and ways to break them forever.

1. Speeding Beyond Acceptable Limits

As per the reports, nearly one-fourth of road accidents result from rough driving or speeding. In every state, specific speed limits have been recommended for safe driving. Driving your car beyond that limit can be dangerous. It makes you susceptible to accidents and you will be penalized by the authorities. Remember, speeding beyond limits can make you lose control of your car.

You can avoid and break this habit by following regulated limits of speeding. When driving, stay calm and patient.

2. Getting Distracted By Your Phone

Many people have this habit of talking over the phone or texting while driving. It is one of the most dangerous driving habits ever. Technology has made lives easier but you have to maintain proper balance when using it. Drivers get busy on their smartphones whenever they stop but most of them do not turn off the phone when they resume driving. It is this case of distracted driving that leads to many accidents.

You can avoid it by keeping your phone on silent mode or turning it off. Use hands-free technology for making calls and sending texts. Apart from these, there are some downloadable apps that disable phone usage while driving.

3. Driving Without a Seat Belt

Often, you may forget to wear your seat belt when driving. Whether it’s done by habit or otherwise, this can be dangerous for you. A seat belt saves drivers and passengers from injury in severe road accidents. Many people think that airbags can protect them from any impact in an accident but that’s not entirely right. You need to wear seat belts to ensure that airbags prove effective during an impact.

To break this habit, learn how to wear your seat belt properly and never forget to drive without this protection. Wear your lap belt below your stomach and shoulder belt over your collarbone.

4. Driving When Sleepy

Despite knowing about the dangers of drowsy driving, many car owners drive even when they are sleepy. It is as dangerous as driving under the influence. When feeling sleepy, the reaction time of your body becomes slow. It can cause injuries not only to the driver but also pedestrians on the road.

Do not drive a car if you feel sleepy or drowsy. Get a good sleep before heading out. You can also take scheduled stops during long journeys to catch up with your sleep.

5. Drunk Driving

Driving under the influence of alcohol is life-threatening and illegal. It takes many lives every year. Due to this, there are strict rules to combat driving under alcoholic influence. Alcohol reduces your vision and response time during an accident.

If you feel you can’t handle it on your own, choose a designated driver to get you to your destination. Follow the regulations to avoid severe legal implications like DUI charges.

Stay safe on the roads by breaking these dangerous driving habits.

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