5 Technologies That Will Change the Fate of the Automobile Industry

January 23rd, 2018 by

Technology is an ever-evolving landscape that undergoes frequent transformations that shape up the future of any industry. In the automobile sector as well, it has caused severe transformations in the past. From semi-autonomous technologies to self-driving cars, this industry has come a long distance. The competition existent on global levels has steered this race to the fast lane. Automated parking capabilities, adaptive cruise controls and other smart features already exist in contemporary cars. Now, companies are planning to improve car technology even further for better efficiency and safety. Here are the top 5 trends that may change the course of this industry and enter the production lines very soon:

1. Driverless Car Technology

The inventive technology of self-driving cars was introduced in several phases. From partial automation to conditional and full automation, it has been largely improved over time. Many companies have worked consistently for developing this technology for safer driving experiences. A concept that emerged from science fiction is expected to become the hardcore reality of imminent times. Advancements made so far in this industry will be enhanced further with sensor-based technologies that use biometrics to send alerts and warnings for avoiding collisions and crashes.

2. Airbags as an Active Safety Device

Airbags have been rightly touted as the best technology for safety in modern vehicles. Now, it is in the phase of transformation to become an active safety device from just a passive safety system. We already have knee airbags, side airbags, curtain airbags and seatbelt airbags for safety against collisions. Companies are now planning to deploy airbags underneath cars for preventing crashes and highlight the inevitable dangers existing on the road.

3. Dashboards Integrated with AR Technology

Technologies like GPS were introduced to make driving safer in modern vehicles. Manufacturers are now working on AR or Augmented Reality to provide interactive displays on the windshield and touchscreen windows. With this feature, the car can automatically detect the external objects and display their information on the windshield to assist the driver. Along with safety, this feature is also developed to enhance driving experiences of passengers. They can zoom in on an external object and view it on the touchscreen windows.

4. Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Systems

With this system, cars will become more self-reliant and safer. They will communicate with each other and other objects in their surroundings to share routing details and traffic networking systems. Companies are working to develop this technology as an advanced system of generating active reports where cars can communicate their current location and speed with other vehicles.

5. Power Efficient Body Panels

Car technologies are evolving from the phase of hybrid batteries to energy-efficient body panels. These panels will help in removing the flaws of hybrid batteries that are often disregarded for their heavy weight and large size. As an advanced energy storage system, these panels can also charge faster than traditional batteries. With their flexible and robust design, they can reduce the weight of a car and make it more energy-efficient.

These are the five technologies expected to transform the future of the automobile industry.

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