5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Test-Drive

Purchasing a car is an exciting thing but you should not get carried away when making such an important decision. Before finalizing any model, you need to test-drive it to ensure it meets your requirements perfectly. However, it is easier said than done and the short duration of a test-drive is not enough to analyze all aspects of the car. Here are some tips that will help you make the most out of your test-drive and help you make the right decision.

Do Your Homework

Before going to the dealership, you need to know what models you are interested in. Also, do some research about the models to get more information about the design, exterior, interior and engine specifications. This way you will be prepared to judge the vehicle better during the test-drive. The primary objective of a test-drive is not to get behind the steering wheel but to gather enough information about the vehicle to make the right decision about the car.

Take Different Routes

Many people always take the empty route for a test-drive. If you want to test the true potential of a car, take some challenging routes like mountain slopes, crowded streets or even dirt roads on the countryside. If you will be driving the car on highways, take the vehicle for a spin on one to test the acceleration and response of the engine. Many times the speed and the terrain can impact the way you feel.

Test the Braking

Braking hard is a good way to test the stability of the car in emergency situations. You need to look for a car with good braking efficiency as you will be driving the car on crowded streets. When you are out on a test-drive, spend at least an hour driving the vehicle on open roads and narrow lanes to see the handling and performance of the car.

Check the Comfort Aspect

Before taking the driver seat, spend some time to check different comfort aspects in the car. You would be surprised to know how some features become irritating in daily use. For example, a dashboard that is difficult to open or inadequate storage spaces or cup holders in wrong places. You need to check the seat for different comfort aspects such as their adjustable nature, size, fabric, as well as the headroom and legroom available.

Check the Trunk Space

Your car is expected to transport your hobby equipment so make sure you have enough trunk space to accommodate them. Different cars have different sized cargo spaces and you need to ensure the model you intend to purchase has adequate room for your gear and equipment. Some cars allow you to fold rear seats that provide more cargo space. To be on the safer side, you need to look for a bigger trunk, especially if you like going on longer trips.

Reflect on Your Test-Drive

Salespeople are always at the forefront suggesting different models you may like. This can be confusing for buyers and can make learning from the test-drive difficult. When the driving experience is still fresh, analyze every aspect of the car that is important to you and see if it meets all your expectations. Don’t sway your decision based on other advice until you feel the need to test-drive more models.

The guidelines listed above prepare you for the test-drive and help you focus on important aspects of the car. The result is a more informed purchase that you can be proud of.

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