Car Cleaning Hacks to Make Your Cleaning Last

June 26th, 2018 by

Summer car cleaning is important to keep your car in good condition. Many people find it impossible to clean the car in the winter due to the freezing temperatures. The result is a lot of winter dirt and grime invades your car. Here are few car cleaning hacks that can make your car cleaning efforts last for a long time.

How to Clean the Car’s Dashboard

Use a gentle cleanser to clean your car’s dashboard and center console. Dip the microfiber cloth in the cleaning solution and run the microfiber cloth across the center console and dashboard. Make sure the microfiber cloth is not dripping with cleaning solution. This activity will pull off the grime and dirt off the dashboard and center console. You need to also pay attention to the tight alcoves and crevices where the dust accumulates over time. Use a vent and dash brush to clean harder to reach areas in the dashboard and center console. You need to clean the vents, radio, hand brakes, dashboard handles and other tight spaces and fissures where dust has settled in.

How to Remove Salt Stains from Mats

If you have not cleaned your car during winter, you might see a salt buildup on the mats inside the car. To clear the salt stains, mix a half cup of vinegar in a half cup of water and rub the solution on the mats until you see the stains vanish. You can also use commercially available solutions to clean the mats. Since vinegar has a strong smell, you need to wash the vinegar off the mats with warm water. Let the mats dry in the open air before you place them back inside the car.

How to Clean Tight Spaces in Your Car

Not all spaces in the car are easily accessible and that can be a problem while cleaning. The solution to this problem is using a vacuum cleaner with a long hose that will help you reach tight spaces inside the car. Many vacuum cleaners have special car cleaning attachments that are designed for a specific purpose. Using a vacuum cleaner is recommended as it sucks the dust and grime inside which is an effective way to get rid of dirt.

How to Clean Tires and Rims

It is likely that your tires and rims are covered with dirt and grime. The first thing to do is to use a hose spray to get rid of loose dirt particles. Mix one spoon of liquid dish soap in a bucket of hot water to prepare a cleaning solution. Use this solution to scrape off the dirt while using a brush with hard bristles. You can use an old toothbrush to clean the inside of the rims. Once the rims and tires are clean, use a hose to spray off the cleaning solution and dirt off the tires and rims. You can also use a commercially available cleanser for this purpose.

Refresh Your Car

After the car is thoroughly cleaned from the inside out, you need to install a good air freshener kit inside the car to ensure that the car smells great.

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