Conditions When You Shouldn’t Try DIY Auto Repair

February 12th, 2019 by

There are times when you may be tempted to deal with issues in your car yourself. However, not every condition or damage can be repaired on your own. Sometimes your car requires an expert inspection and care by a certified mechanic. Here are the conditions when you should back off from DIY and turn to the professionals for fixing your vehicle.

When the Engine Overheats

Every skilled home mechanic can ace the repairs of a cooling system. Smaller tasks like the replacement of hoses and thermostat are not so tricky. However, when it comes to a severe problem like an overheated engine, things may be more serious than you can imagine. In such circumstances, you should avoid taking the risks and hire a trained mechanic to inspect and fix the issue.

When the Windshield Gets Damaged

As a car owner, nothing can be more dreadful than a broken or damaged windshield. This is a repair that goes up to $200-300 in terms of expenses. Although it is tempting to avoid these expenses and fix the windshield on your own, you shouldn’t take the risk of incurring costlier damages. Any mistake on your part can result in a leaky windshield that can be risky for your vehicle as well.

When the Body Needs Paint or Repairs

Any issue related to the body of your car directly affects its appearance and even your safety when driving. If you want to handle the paint job or replacement of body parts, you need a lot of training and the right tools to get it done perfectly. This is the reason it is never advisable to do it yourself. There may be consequences like overspray, bubbles, sanding gouges or shoddy coverage that destroy the look of your car and cause heavier repairs down the line.

When the Coil Springs Need Repair

In your car, coil springs are one of the toughest components to be handled. They are tightly wound and put under extreme pressure for performance. You shouldn’t deal with them unless you hold the proper expertise. There can be dangers for your vehicle and yourself. It is better to call an expert and certified mechanic to get this task done.

When the Transmission Needs Repair

The transmission is made up of many smaller components that must be fixed in the proper order. Once you meddle with them, you must restore them to their original places. This job is easier said than done. Moreover, there are automatic gearboxes that weigh a lot and can’t be lifted without a helping hand when you need to replace it. For all these conditions, it is wise to lay your trust in the professionals having proper licenses and training.

When the Suspension Needs Repair

The suspension of your car has many parts that look easy to repair but they are not. Things can go completely wrong when fixing them, especially the components such as struts or coil springs. If anything goes wrong with the repairs or replacement of the suspension parts, results can be cost-prohibitive and dangerous.

If any of these conditions strike, lay your trust on certified mechanics or visit a reliable dealership near you.

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