Does Hyundai Make Hybrid Vehicles?

November 19th, 2019 by

The key characteristic of hybrid vehicles is that they possess a conventional gasoline engine, a battery and an electric motor. Some hybrids have more battery capacity, which propels the vehicle further on electric power alone. They mostly allow you the freedom to choose your power mode to steer your car. Based on the driving conditions, you can select a mode that maximizes performance or efficiency. 

When your commute is restricted to driving in and around town, you stand to benefit from traveling in a hybrid car. Its electric motor is most efficient when your vehicle needs to be driven at lower speeds. Consumers today are being encouraged to invest in hybrid vehicles for the following noteworthy reasons:

  1. An environment-friendly approach, as such vehicles conserve energy by cutting down on fuel consumption. 
  2. Financially you stand to benefit with added tax incentives, reduced fuel expenditure and exemption from paying congestion charges.
  3. A built-in mechanism that enables you to recharge your car battery every time you apply the brake.
  4. Such green vehicles command a higher resale value since their owners spend far less on gasoline.

Owing to the above striking features, the demand for hybrid vehicles is only growing. Hyundai, being a socially responsible and innovative automaker, has risen to the occasion by introducing a fleet of cars powered with alternative-fuel technology. Some exciting Hyundai hybrid models making their mark on the roads are:

Ioniq Hybrid

Your expectations from a conventional car are more than met with this sedan. The car’s sleek appearance may distract you from other aspects it excels in, such as aerodynamic excellence and maximum fuel efficiency being its most praiseworthy features. 

Irrespective of the driving time or condition, the Ioniq is designed to provide ultimate comfort to each passenger, including the driver. It is manufactured using lightweight materials yet is sturdy, functional and elegant. 

Ioniq Plug-In Hybrid

The Ioniq Plug-In Hybrid is an impressive set of wheels. Its elegant LED lights and curved outline adds to its attractive qualities. Its aerodynamically sculpted tires enhance airflow, minimize air turbulence and optimize fuel economy. For extra comfort on cold days, the steering wheel and seats are heated. 

There is a rearview monitor installed on your dashboard to aid visibility while driving. You can also preset your battery charging schedules while plugged in, so you are never left stranded. Drive with complete peace of mind and stay connected while cruising along in your plug-in, Ioniq. This hybrid boasts of an advanced navigation system and even charges your phone wirelessly.

Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

With accentuated fenders, enhanced hood and the signature Hyundai grille, your safety is guaranteed in the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid. To improve your driving experience, this model is fitted with LED headlights, automatic emergency brakes, blind-spot detection and lane-keep assistance. The zero-emission is ideal for local running, and occasionally you can venture out on longer drives. 

Hyundai is continuously striving towards manufacturing performance and efficiency-oriented models with its forward-thinking approach. Move with the times and zoom ahead in your brand new Hyundai hybrid.

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