Driving Safety Tips for Your Teen

December 18th, 2018 by

Watching your child leave the driveway after getting into the car for their very first drive can be hard for a lot of people. It marks a time when you are relinquishing control over a major part of your teen’s life. The most intimidating aspect remains that you cannot guarantee your teenager’s safety when they get behind the wheel. However, asking your teenager to follow these driving safety tips will safeguard your teen on their drives.

Always Map Your Routes

Setting off on an adventure via the car can be exciting. Nonetheless, it is always better to be prepared. Hence, you must map out your route and appreciate the difficulties or trials of getting there. It can be confusing for young drivers to lose their way. You must avoid such instances by relying on your automobile’s navigation system. It eliminates the state of panic that tends to set in when you are unaware of which exit you must take off the freeway. Making risky turns is also something you can avoid when you have the time to anticipate your next move in traffic with the aid of maps.

Those who happen to be traveling to new places can simply check street view to scope out popular landmarks. Watching out for these will assist you in saving time on your journey as well as traveling safer.

Avoid Distractions

Getting a good night’s sleep might help you stay alert, but it is your duty to avoid all distractions when you are on the freeway. This includes everything from grabbing a bite to eat as you drive, changing the music that happens to be playing, receiving phone calls or even texting. Each of these tasks can cause you to take your eyes off the road. In fact, experts advise that you avoid making your first few drives with a very chatty travel companion. Excessive talking can distract you from driving safely.

Stay Familiar with Traffic Rules

Traffic rules tend to change. Therefore, one must stay updated on the regulations set by the local authorities. For example, while one might assume that maintaining your hands at 10 and 2 positions on the steering wheel is correct, you couldn’t be more wrong. The rules have been updated with findings that present one must place their hands at nine and three positions or even eight and four on the steering wheel.

Maintain Your Hands at the Wheel on the Designated Positions

Placing your palms on the nine and three position is advised because they offer you a great deal of power in addition to stability at a time when you are behind the wheel. It is also deemed to be a position that does not cause your hands to ache and pain at the end of a long journey when you have been maintaining the recommended position for more than a few hours.

Be sure to remind your teenager that they must merge into traffic safely, park efficiently and drive alert!

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