Factors to Consider When Buying Your Teen a Car

Buying a car for your teenager can be daunting. There are a lot of things that can affect your purchase decision. What type of car will you buy? Are you looking for a new or a used car? How much will car insurance cost? What are the safety ratings of a car? It is extremely important to find answers to all these questions. You need to ensure that your teen is completely safe on the roads. With the right research, you can find a safe and reliable ride for your child. Here are some important factors to consider over before buying a car.

1. Safety Features:

Buying a safe car for your teen should be your topmost priority. As per a report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), automobile accidents are a leading cause of teenage fatalities. Mostly, the risks are during the first six months they can drive. Therefore, you should look for the best safety features in a car when buying it for your child. Look for features like rear-cross traffic alert, blind spot detection, surround view camera and forward collision alerts for safer driving experiences. Also, look for the specs like anti-lock brakes, airbag protection, hands-free controls and advanced navigation system along with comprehensive roadside assistance. Check the crash test information and reliability ratings of the car. 

2. Auto Insurance Costs:

It is important to know that insuring your teen driver can considerably increase the cost of auto insurance. However, you can keep it low by opting for a safe car. It will lower the premiums. Also, you should try to get the best discounts on insurance rates. Research all the options carefully to make a better and more informed decision. You can also ask your insurance provider for recommendations regarding the safest car for your teen driver. 

3. Teen-Friendly Features:

There are some cars that offer specific features for teenage drivers. You can opt for a vehicle enabled with parental controls. It will notify you if your child crosses pre-set speed limits. Also, consider the GPS navigation system. It helps in ensuring that your child never gets lost, even when driving on unfamiliar routes. 

4. Fuel Efficiency:

Your child may need a car to travel long distances for school events and or college visits. Therefore, it is always better to invest in the most fuel-efficient car. This will largely reduce the costs of the fill-ups. 

5. Price:

It can be extremely confusing to set aside a budget for your teen’s car. As a matter of fact, teenagers are reckless drivers and can be really hard on a car. Therefore, it is not advisable to invest in a high-end model. Mostly, parents insist on buying a new car for its safety features. However, you can also buy used cars that are as safe as a new car. You should weigh every option on the parameters of safety, efficiency and cost before buying. 

With these factors in mind, you can pick the best car for your teenager. 

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