Fall Car Care

November 27th, 2018 by

The last thing you want in the cold season is to break down in your car. According to experts, changes in climate conditions have an effect on your car. Hence, fall car care is important with the arrival of the colder season. Here are some fall car care tips that will keep your car in good condition in the cold weather.

Car Interior

As the cold weather sets in, you want to ensure that the car cabin seals perfectly to protect passengers from the harsh weather outside. Every car has rubber material, known as weather stripping, that seals the doors, windows, trunk lid and windshield. If you see that the weather stripping is cracked or damaged, it’s time to get new weather stripping.

During the fall season, the climatic conditions become wet and trees also shed leaves. Many times you will see the floor mats inside the car smudged with dirt and leaves. You need to clean the car’s interior thoroughly to get rid of the dirt.


As the colder season arrives, the days become shorter and it gets darker earlier. This means you will be using your lights more often when traveling during sunset. You need to ensure that all the lights of the car are functioning properly. Check the headlights, brake lights and fog lights. Also, check the beam of the headlights and ensure it is bright enough.

Heater and Defroster

In the fall season, you will be required to use the heater every time you travel in cold weather. You need to ensure the heating system is working as intended. Check the ventilator for any blocks. Similarly, the defroster should be working as intended to clear the condensation and snow on the windshield. You need to ensure the defroster at the front and back are working properly.


Wet road conditions during the fall season increase the importance of tread depth of your tires. If the tread depth of tires is less than 2/32 of an inch, they will not have sufficient grip on the road and your car is more likely to skid when urgent brakes are applied. As the weather becomes colder, the air pressure inside the tires drops as well. You need to always maintain the recommended air pressure in all tires. Also, check the tires for uneven wear and tear which can indicate improper alignment. Next, check the tires for bald spots or bulges which are an indicator of the bad condition of the tire, increasing the chances of accidents.


You need to inspect the braking system of your car. You can start with the brake pads that often wear out quickly. If the brake pads thickness is less than 3mm, you need to get new brake pads. Similarly, you also need to inspect the brake pedal, brake fluid, as well as brake assemblies and check for any damage or excessive signs of wear and tear.

Wiper Blades

The wiper blades are made of rubber which often develops cracks in the summer season. If you notice any cracks in the wiper blades, get new ones.

Fall care tips are useful to make your car roadworthy and prepare your car for the upcoming cold weather. These small care tips will ensure you are less likely to face unexpected repairs or a break down during the cold season.

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