Get Your Car Ready for Spring

April 17th, 2018 by

Your car is your lifeline and for proper functioning, it needs the utmost care. Depending on the time of year, your car maintenance changes according to the season. Spring is in the air and warm gentle breezes start beckoning you, so it’s understandable that you want to take your first spring road trip.

But before you take off into the sunset, don’t forget that your car has taken a beating in the harsh winter weather. It’s critical that you take some measures regarding your vehicle as you plan for the season.

Dust Off

You tend to be uninterested in the cleanliness of your car during winter as it will just continue to get dirty. A lot of dust and mud might have gathered on the exterior and inside the vehicle. Dust it off and vacuum the interior completely. Upholstery of the seats, floor mats and the controls have to be cleaned to get ready for spring.

Wash away the residual mud on the tires. Go for a wax to get the car in a shiny, new-like state. Spring is the time to spruce up your vehicle, too.


Excess items you have stocked in the trunk have to go. More weight means more energy consumption. This slows down the performance of the vehicle.

That creaky wiper blade and old cabin air filter have reached their end of service. Replace those and fill the fuel tank. Fluids like coolant and power steering fluid should get a rehash this spring.

Check the tire pressure and wheel alignment. Well inflated tires are key to the smooth maneuver of the vehicle. But do not go beyond the level indicated in the owner’s manual. Wheel alignment has to be checked and if required, change the tires.

Spark plug, battery terminals, oil filter and all the hoses have to be inspected by a professional. Make sure there is no leak in the seals and hoses.

Drive Around

Your car may have been sitting in the driveway for sometime this winter and you only started prepping it for spring when the weather got warmer. So, after the initial basic maintenance, take it for a spin and test how the electric system and brakes work. Brake pads have to be replaced if they look worn out.

The car may look out of shape and just a washing up might not be sufficient. A good waxing will do the trick where the paint gets a shiny, new coat. You may also go for a paint touch-up to make the exterior look like it has been just come out of the showroom.


Little details like condition of the wheel rims are also important. Get the headlights and tail lamps fixed. Warning lights and indicators must be functional before you hit the road at night. Windshield wiper blades need to be replaced if worn and add a bug repellant to the wiper fluid as April showers approach. Take care of the above items and your car is ready for this spring season.

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