Helpful Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for Cooler Weather

February 6th, 2018 by

You’re probably planning a road trip with your family for the winter and have given special care to servicing your car. But there’s a small,yet crucial element you might be overlooking which is to make sure to properly defog or defrost your windshield. This is absolutely critical since a blurry windshield could not only obstruct your vision, but could also be illegal.

Here’s how you can quickly clear off the windshield:


It is recommended that you begin using the heater at a low temperature. After a while, you can begin increasing the temperature to avoid an overload in the cabin with wet and hot air. Keep practicing this, it should give you an idea on the ideal temperature required for the vehicle, one that wouldn’t fog up the car. In doing so, always point the heater toward the windows and the windshield. The warm air will help dry off the glass quickly and will eventually halt the water vapor formulation.


You will want to try this trick before hitting the road to avoid experimenting it on the move. Use the air-conditioner and the heater simultaneously. The warm air coming through the heater would dry the glass through its evaporation and the air coming through the air-conditioner would cool the glass. The cool air helps dry the atmosphere within the vehicle. If the windshield has a lot of ice collected, make a point to scrape off the ice and start the process of the heater and air-conditioner. Avoid leaving in a hurry and do not clean the windshield with a piece of cloth or a scraper. The results are only temporary. Take some time to get it done right.


Just in case you don’t have a working air-conditioner, use the windows instead. Simply slide down the windows to clear off the mist. The cold air on the outside would help cut down on the vapour produced within the vehicle. Having done this, you can start the heater and warm-up the car. Here again, understand the temperature required for the vehicle. If your windshield starts fogging up while you drive, make sure to pull over and address the problem.

Climate Control System

If your vehicle comes with a climate control system, there’s nothing like it. This system should have a special setting for defogging the windshield. The settings may differ from one brand to another, so make sure to google it or check YouTube, if the need arises.

Shaving Foam

Window fogging is a constant struggle in the winter. But here’s another trick to keep away the fog. All you need to do is use a shaving foam to clean the windshield. The foam lessens the formation of the fog over your windshield. Here’s how you can use this tip:

Take a clean towel or cloth and press over a dollop of foam against the windshield. Spread the foam across the windshield with the cloth. Having wiped all through the surface, use another clean dry cloth to wipe the surface once again. This should help you with window fogging issues.

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