How to Clean Pollen Off Your Car

March 26th, 2019 by

Just like bird droppings, pollen is harmful to your car. Now that it’s pollen season, you may find pollen accumulating on the body of your car. If you let the pollen stay, it will cause stains and tarnish the finish of your car. Even though pollen removal is important, you need to clean it off the correct way to avoid damage. Here are some tips to get rid of pollen without damaging the paint.

Don’t Wipe Pollen off Your Car

You might think pollen as harmless particles which can be wiped off easily from the car’s surface. But if you wipe off pollen dry, the particles will push deeper in the car’s surface to cause scratches. Pollen has microscopic hook-like extensions that cause scratches when you try to wipe the pollen off your car’s surface.

Just Splashing Water Not Enough

Water is recommended to remove pollen safely from the car, but you need to follow up with the right cleaning method.

How to Clean Pollen of Your Car with Water?

You will need few things to clean pollen off your car without causing scratches:

  •       A pressure nozzle with a narrow shoot area
  •       A hosepipe
  •       Soapy water
  •       A car cleaning brush
  •       A clean cotton cloth
  •       A microfiber cloth
  •       Quick Detailer Spray
  •       Car wax polish

Steps to Clean the Car

  1. Connect the pressure nozzle to the hose pipe and spray water at the roof of your car. The pressure wash will remove dried pollen, but some might remain. For the more stubborn pollen particles, use soapy water, a brush, and rinse off with the pressure hose.
  2. Target one car body panel at a time. Only move to clean the next panel when you’re done with the one you’re on. After cleaning the top, you can pressure wash the windshield, rear window, side windows, and the rest of the vehicle.
  3. After washing pollen off the car, wipe the car dry with a cotton cloth.
  4. After the car surface is completely dry, take the microfiber cloth and spray some quick detailer fluid on it. Wipe the car surface with microfiber cloth.
  5. You can apply car wax to the body panels for additional protection. When not using the car, park the car indoors.

Car Wash Routine to Follow During Pollen Season

The pollen season lasts for a few months and you should wash your car more often to protect it from pollen. If you neglect your car during pollen season, the pollen particles will cause damage to the paint, which can only be fixed with a new paint job. If you are living in the city, washing your car once in a week is enough. If you live in a rural area or anywhere surrounded by coniferous trees, wash your car at least twice in a week.

Now that you know the right method to clean pollen off your car, fight back Mother Nature and keep your car looking fresh and beautiful.

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