How to Get Dog Hair Out of Your Car

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How to Get Dog Hair Out of Your Car

If you own a dog, you know how much dog hair sticks to car seats and carpet. For hygienic and general cleanliness reasons, you’ll want to make sure that your car’s interior is free from dog hair. To make things easy for you, we discuss below some easy methods and things that can be used to get dog hair out of your car.

Pumice Stone

A pumice stone is a reliable and cost-effective choice to get dog hair out of your car. However, you should restrict the use of a pumice stone to car mats. Avoid using it on seat fabric as it can damage the car upholstery. The pumice stone works best in wet conditions. Here are some things you will need:

  • A pumice stone
  • Fabric softener
  • Water
  • Bucket
  • Spray bottle

Take an empty bucket and prepare a solution by mixing equal parts of fabric softener and water. Pour the solution in a spray bottle. Spray some solution on the areas where you find dog hair. Wipe the area with the pumice stone, going in one direction each time. To get rid of hair attached to the stone, spray the solution on the stone or dip it in a bucket of clean water.


A squeegee is a multi-purpose tool that is effective in getting dog hair out of your car. The rubber on the squeegee attracts dog hair due to static electricity when you move it over the surface with dog hair. The right way to use a squeegee is by moving it in a single direction from top to bottom on your car’s seats. Make sure you wipe the blade clean after each time you wipe the seat and then continue with the process. You can find many low-cost squeegees at the store in different sizes that are perfect to get dog hair out of your car. Squeegees are reusable and easy to clean, too.

Wire Brush

A soft bristle brush can be useful to get stubborn dog hair out of your car. The brush works similar to a pumice stone. Generally, car owners use a hard wire brush as a last resort to get rid of stubborn dog hair from their car’s interior. A wire brush can be used safely on car mats. For soft seats, you can use a rubber bristle brush that can remove stubborn dog hair from the seats without damaging them.

According to experts, you can take preventive steps to reduce dog hair getting in your car. Here are a few tips:

  • Brush your dog’s coat thoroughly before you put your pet inside your car. When you brush your dog’s coat, loose hair strands are removed and it reduces the amount of dog hair that can get in your car.
  • You can buy a pet car seat cover for your car. These seat covers can prevent your seats from getting soiled from fur and mud.

The above methods help in getting rid of dog hair sticking to your car’s upholstery without any fuss. They also help protect car seats and carpet from any damage during the cleaning process. These preventive tips will help reduce the dog hair problem in your car.

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