How to Use Volkswagen Adaptive Cruise Control

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Volkswagen equips its vehicles with advanced features to ensure smooth driving experiences. If you have a Volkswagen with adaptive cruise control, you probably enjoy the best drives even on single lane highways. On these roads, it is almost unavoidable to be stuck behind a car that does not maintain a consistent speed when driving. This is where you need adaptive cruise control to drive smoothly. If you use conventional cruise control, you may have to turn it off if the car in front of you slows down abruptly. But, if you know how to use adaptive cruise control, you won’t need to worry about it anymore.

What Exactly is Volkswagen Adaptive Cruise Control

Regular cruise control only maintains the speed that you set while adaptive cruise control will also maintain proper distance automatically with the help of front sensors. When it works with the radar-controlled Front Assist traffic monitoring mechanism, this system will keep your car at a safe distance from the vehicles in front. Therefore, it makes driving easier even in slow traffic. You can stay more relaxed and comfortable on the longer journeys as well.

This system allows you to preset the range of speed at which you want ACC to apply brakes or accelerate the car. It can be used to restrict the speed to the limits applicable to the roads you’re driving on. It has a safe distance technology using radar sensors that detect slow traffic to automatically reduce the speed of your car.

If you drive too close to the vehicle in front, the adaptive cruise control system in your Volkswagen will send you warnings in two stages. First, it sends acoustic and visual signals. Second, it gives a short braking jolt to warn you. In some cases, it can even stop the car completely.

How Does it Work

The Volkswagen adaptive cruise control uses safe distance technology. It is based on a radar sensor having a beam angle of 12 degrees and a range of up to 200 meters. The control unit and sensors are integrated into a single unit for installation. The signals from the radar sensors are received by the control unit. This unit computes the distance between your car and vehicle ahead. It also computes the lateral position of your vehicle on multilane highways.

If a sensor catches several vehicles, it uses this information to select the vehicles whose system should be tracked down. If there is a slower vehicle ahead or any vehicle cuts in front, the ACC slows your car by initiating controls and braking systems.

How to Use Adaptive Cruise Control

To start using this system, here is a guide to be followed:

  • Cruise control buttons are given on the left side of the steering wheel in your car. You should press the button that looks like a speedometer.
  • When you push this button, a Cruise Control screen will pop up on the instrument cluster.
  • Press the SET button to set the current speed and turn on adaptive cruise control to set the distance between your car and the vehicles ahead.
  • When you activate this system, it will select shorter distance automatically.

This is how you can use Volkswagen adaptive cruise control for a safe and relaxed highway driving.

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