October is Fall Car Care Month

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October is Fall Car Care Month

Before the winter sets in, give your car preventive maintenance to avoid problems down the road. October is Fall Car Care Month and the perfect time before the winter to make sure your ride is in top shape.

Take some time to check the condition of your car and ensure its safety in cold weather. Smaller steps can help you to improve the reliability of your vehicle and reduce the risks of costly repairs over time. Here are basic maintenance requirements you can follow to keep your car updated for the upcoming season. 

Ensure the Vehicle’s Fluids Are Full

The first step to preventive maintenance is checking the car fluids. When you do this, check the level of every fluid and oil, including transmission fluid, coolant, power steering and engine oil. If your car has dirty engine oil, it can be troublesome in the winter. Get it changed immediately.

Also, consider using winter weight oil and refill the cooling systems before the season starts. Maintain the optimal concentration, level and condition of the engine coolant. Experts recommend a 50:50 mixture of water and anti-freeze.

Inspect the Battery

The battery of your car is susceptible to corrosion and other damages in winter. Make sure to check the battery in October and ensure that the connections are clean and corrosion-free. Also, replace the battery if you suspect any internal damage or wear.

Conduct an Engine Check

In the winter, the engine of your car should deliver a proper balance of fuel economy and power for smooth driving. Also, the emission levels should be low throughout the season. So, get your engine checked by a certified mechanic this Fall Car Care Month. 

Inspect the Belts and Hoses

Any brittle, loose, cracked or frayed belts and hoses in the car can be dangerous while driving. You should inspect them to find any signs of excessive wear. 

Examine the HVAC System

During winter, you need your car’s heating system to work properly. So, it makes sense to check the HVAC system before the start of winter. It is important to ensure your comfort and protection from defrosting when driving in the harsh cold weather. 

Repair the Exhaust System

If there is an unusual sound in your car, it can be due to damages or leaks in the exhaust system. Remember that leakages in the exhaust can be fatal for your vehicle. You shouldn’t delay their inspection and repairs to avoid any accident.

Inspect the Tires

When checking and maintaining your car for winter, don’t forget to check the tire pressure and tread as well. If you have uneven wearing in the tires, it’s time for a wheel alignment. Also, inspect the tires for bald spots and bulges during the inspection.

Apart from these, examine the suspension system, steering, lighting, wipers and brakes of your car this October. Take your car to a certified mechanic for complete preventive maintenance.

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