Quick Tips for De-Icing Your Windshield

November 25th, 2019 by

Ice often accumulates on car windshields during winter and until you get it cleared off you cannot drive your car. To make things easy, we have shared a few tips for de-icing your windshield. 

Never Do This  

  • Many people follow the wrong methods of de-icing their windshield which can cause damage. No matter how thin or thick the layer of ice is on the windshield, you should never pour hot water on the windshield. When you pour hot water on the windshield the sudden changes in temperatures will cause it to crack.
  • You should avoid using sharp tools to scrape the ice on the windshield. Such actions can lead to scratches on the windshield that will obstruct your view. Also, you should never try to break the layer of ice with force. 

Here we have shared the right ways to remove ice from your windshield. 

Start the Engine and Turn on the Defroster

It is one of the safest ways to de-ice windshield. Start the engine and let it idle for some time. Turn on the defroster and turn the blower on full blast. Make sure the tailpipe is clear when the engine is idling. 

Clean the Windshield with De-Icing Solution

You can either purchase a commercial de-icing solution from the auto shop or make a de-icing solution at home. There are several commercial de-icing solutions available on the market. Some are indicated for use on metal surfaces, so you need to be careful when selecting commercial windshield de-icing spray. If you are not sure of what to buy, you can always prepare a de-icing solution at home. 

Saltwater Solution for De-Icing 

A saltwater solution is an effective de-icing solution that can be safely used on windshields. Take an empty spray bottle, fill it with water and add two scoops of home salt in the spray bottle. Shake the bottle to allow the salt to dissolve completely. You can also use rock salt in place of home salt. The de-icing solution becomes more effective with rock salt. 

Isopropyl Alcohol Solution for De-Icing 

Isopropyl alcohol/rubbing alcohol can also be used to prepare a de-icing solution at home. Take seven parts of isopropyl alcohol and three parts of water and add it to a spray bottle, and it’s ready for use. 

Use a Soft Squeegee or Run Wipers to Clear the Snow

When you spray the de-icing solution on the windshield, the melting process starts and the ice starts loosening. Now you can easily scrape the ice from the windshield. You can use a soft squeegee on the windshield to scrape the ice or you can run the wipers to clear the snow. You can also use an ice scraper to remove the layer of snow on the windshield. 

De-icing your windshield is easy with the tips given above. The next time you see snow covering the windshield, you’ll know what to do!

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