The Best Holiday Sales Events

September 19th, 2019 by

If you’re planning to buy a new car, you may want to wait until a good sales event pops up. To boost sales when they need it, car dealerships offer sales events a few times a year. Here are some great events that are always worth waiting for.


One of the best times of the year to find a great bargain is at the very end of it. Most people have at least a week of free time during the holidays, and many spend their time shopping. For car dealerships, this is the last opportunity to meet their annual sales target. Car manufacturers reward dealerships that meet this goal, so they will make any sale they can get to reach that line. This is also your last chance to snag a vehicle from the current year, since the manufacturers will focus on the newer models.

Thanksgiving Car Sales Event

Black Friday is known for its hefty discounts, and car dealerships like to capitalize on this buying frenzy. So many people are out looking for deals on Black Friday, and sometimes they even come out on Thanksgiving! You’ll often find salespeople eager to make a sale by offering cash discounts, low interest, and other financial perks.

Fourth of July

The Fourth of July, or Independence Day, is a great opportunity for retailers to offer patriotic sales events. Many people use their day off to go shopping around town. Car dealerships will take advantage of this by offering their own sales event. Fourth of July is the best event to go to if you’re not exactly sure what car you want to buy, since dealerships will have a good mix of current year models and next year’s models.  

Memorial Day

When Memorial Day comes up, you know it’s summertime. New models are offered in the fall, so many dealerships offer a Memorial Day sales event to clear out old inventory to prepare. Car buyers can expect big cash discounts and 0% financing options during this sales event. This is also the best time to buy a very popular model, because it’s going to be replaced soon.

Presidents Day

SUVs and all-wheel drive vehicles are less popular in the winter, and by the time Presidents Day rolls around, salespeople need to get as many of these off the lot as they can. If you’re looking for an SUV or an all-wheel drive vehicle, Presidents Day is your best bet.

Labor Day

New models start coming out around Labor Day, and most people are more interested in the next big thing than the current model. Around this time, car dealerships will offer amazing discounts on current year models to make room for the new stock. Also, salespeople have to meet their sales quota by the end of the month, and are more open to haggling to get their sale. The long weekend, the new models, and the sales quotas all make Labor Day a triple threat for discounts.

Besides heavy discounts, car dealerships also offer perks like free insurance and lower interest to entice buyers. If you can be patient and wait for an event, these discounts can save you thousands of dollars.

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