The Future of Self-Driving Cars

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The Future of Self-Driving Cars

There are lots of talks about the futuristic self-driving capabilities in cars. This concept seems to have emerged from science fiction books and is destined to become a hardcore reality of modern times. Many research and development projects are underway by the leading technology and automobile companies to work on this concept. In fact, Silicon Valley experts are testing this technology on the parameters of safety and efficiency in the real-world road conditions faced by drivers. Cars are getting safer and more tech-driven thanks to the technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. They are already integrated with intelligent features for self-parking and safety. Imagine the future where these cars will become completely autonomous.

How this Technology has Progressed Over the Years

The field of technology has progressed impressively in the past few years. The previous five decades have been marked by automated features that completely changed the way you drive a car. You can understand these developments in the context of five different stages that they have been through.

The first stage of automated technology worked around driver-assisted features that functioned with human intelligence for informing and sending alerts about the surrounding driving environments. In the second stage, partial automation with features controlled by the driver became a reality. As the technology kept on advancing, the third stage of conditional technology was launched with full throttle. In this automation level, the cars functioned as a co-pilot for intelligent handling of safety-critical operations under specified environments. They also relied on human intervention.

Then, the era changed and made way for high automation features under which cars were capable of performing well under strictly controlled conditions. In these cars, a functional driver cockpit was installed to make the vehicle run without human intervention. The fifth and the last stage of fully autonomous vehicles is an ambitious project that is under testing phases in the factory lines of leading automobile manufacturers.

Once introduced to the markets, these self-driving cars will change the future of driving forever. In this regard, Google has already tested high-end models on the roads of Nevada and Florida. These tests have been successful with zero accident reported. They are working harder to develop this technology even further.

How Self-Driving Cars Work

These futuristic vehicles are designed to work with computerized systems integrated with sensors and GPS devices. They have a laser mounted on the top of the car for monitoring road conditions. This device generates a 3D map of the surrounding road conditions and environment. This data is then processed by a computer to enable the following of traffic rules by avoiding hurdles on the roads.

Developers are working on making these cars safer for applications on real road conditions and tricky terrains faced by drivers.

The Conclusion

With self-parking capabilities and automated safety features, contemporary cars are wooing buyers. When self-driving models are eventually launched, they are expected to create a lot of exhilaration among car lovers.

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