Tips for Cleaning Car Windows Without Streaks

October 22nd, 2019 by

Cleaning the windows of your car can be cumbersome. But, it is necessary for safe driving. Often, you may find streaks on the glass right after cleaning the windows. It may happen due to using the wrong cleaning methods or cleaning products. So, if you want your car windows to look clear from both outside and inside, follow these tips to clean them properly:

Use a Microfiber Cloth

A microfiber cloth can clean even the most stubborn streaks on the glass. You should choose a cloth with a tight weave that will give better scrubbing to your car windows. Avoid using cheap microfiber towels that shed their fibers. When using the cloth, dip one of its sides in water and clean the glass gently. Now, use the dry side to remove the signs of streaks. This method is advisable for the outside of the windows while you should be gentler when cleaning them from inside. 

Clean the Windshield Wipers Carefully

The windshield wipers help you drive safely in dust, snow or rain. Hence, consider keeping them in good working order with proper cleaning. Whenever you clean your car windows, don’t forget to wipe the blades as well. Use a wet towel to wipe clean the blades. Also, use good quality additives that improve the dirt-removing ability of your washer liquid. When cleaning in winter, opt for additives that come with antifreeze protection.

Clean After Parking the Car in the Shade

After cleaning your car, sometimes, you may notice small white streaks left behind by the cleaning agent in your washing liquid. It dries up on the surface while you’re cleaning the car under the sun. So, prefer cleaning the windows after parking your car in shade. Under the direct sunlight, the car windows can be hot to touch and the formula evaporates fast on the surface and you don’t get the chance to wipe them clean. 

Roll Down the Windows for Better Access

If any part of your car windows remains unclean, it will affect the visibility while driving. Hence, you should go for maximum access by rolling down the windows up to half when wiping them clean. It also ensures that every section of the windows gets cleaned properly.

Take Some Time to Clean

There’s nothing to rush about cleaning your car windows. You can’t get them clean them in a jiffy. It’s better to take your time and clean each window methodically to avoid streaking. Clean them in every direction to remove any spot or smudge. Avoid wiping in circles because it may leave more streaks. Also, spray the washer liquid on the towel to wipe the windows in a rhythmic motion. 

Choose the Right Cleaning Products

If you want flawlessly clean car windows, invest in proper cleaning material as well. Find automotive glass cleaners that do not contain ammonia. Rather, choose solvent-free glass cleaners that are safe to use. Remember, ammonia-based cleaners can damage the tinting on your windows. Also, it can dry out the rubber seals of the car. If you buy a concentrated solution, dilute it with distilled water for best results.

Follow these tips to clean your car windows without leaving streaks on the surface.

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