Tips for Improving Gas Mileage

July 11th, 2018 by

The prices of gas and diesel have risen significantly in recent years and this has raised the fuel costs for car owners. As oil deposits decline further, you can only expect the fuel prices to rise further. To help you some money, we have provided some tips that can improve your gas mileage and reduce fuel expenses to some extent.

Avoid Lengthy Idling of the Engine

Are you aware that even an idling engine consumes a considerable amount of fuel? According to auto experts, an idling engine can consume around half a gallon of fuel every hour. In addition, it also leads to the release of carbon dioxide in the air which is not a good thing. Modern car engines are easy to start and stop so you can simply shut down the engine at signals and reduce fuel consumption. You need to follow this habit every time when you are waiting in your car for something and not moving.

Drive In the Highest Gear on Flat Ground

According to auto experts, driving in the highest gear is more fuel-efficient on a flat ground as there is no load on the engine. Also, there is no frictional loss due to braking that enhances the fuel efficiency. However, this does not work on inclines as you are putting more load on the engine during a hill climb. So yes, driving the car at speed level below 60 mph in the highest gear could decrease fuel consumption and improve gas mileage significantly.

Exercise Speed Control

Driving at high speeds increases fuel consumption. Hence, auto experts suggest drivers to drive the car in speed ranges between 55 mph to 75 mph. In fact, driving at the speed of 55mph instead of 65 mph could increase the gas mileage by 10% to 15%. For many people, cruising at high speeds is an exciting experience. Not only it is dangerous, it also reduces gas mileage and increases fuel costs. So, you need to exercise speed control when behind the steering wheel at all times.

Use Recommended Motor Oil Only

There are many aftermarket products that promise gas mileage and performance but many times they are not true. Motor oil companies do not perform tests on their products extensively and there is a possibility the performance and effects of the motor oil are not tested on the engine type fitted in your car. Whereas the car manufacturers conduct oil and fuel tests on the engine to determine the best motor oil and fuel that can rev up the performance of the engine. Hence, you need to use recommended motor oil only to keep the engine in good condition. Only an engine in good health can support your efforts to reduce fuel consumption.

Check Engine Air Filter

If your car has an old carbureted engine, you need to pay attention to the air filters and ensure they are clean and functional. In older cars, dirty air filters can affect the flow of the air in the combustion compartment which can increase fuel consumption and reduce gas mileage. In modern cars, a dirty filter does not make much difference but a clean air filter is always going to help the performance of the car which could also improve gas mileage.

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