Tools Every Driver Should Keep in Their Car

August 7th, 2018 by

When driving a car, you need to stay prepared for handling any type of emergency, including dead batteries or engine breakdowns. Mostly, these situations can happen at the most inconvenient times in unexpected places where it’s hard to find help. With some essential tools, you can avert any fatal situation and bring your car back to the track. Here is a list of these tools.

Speed Charger

Nothing can be as frightening as a dead battery in the middle of nowhere. If you get stuck in a location where it is hard to find a mechanic nearby, you need a speed charger. It can be a lifesaver in tense situations. You can carry this device in your car for boosting the battery any time. Typically, this device is fully automatic and it comes with multiple charging modes to charge different gadgets at a time.


This is a tool that can be easily attached to the driver’s seat making it convenient to access during emergencies like a fire breakout or your car submerging in water. If you get into any of these situations, you need a lifehammer to break the windows or cut through the seatbelt fabric to escape from the car. It has a luminescent point that helps in finding this tiny hammer even in the dark.

Jumper Cables

Every car should have jumper cables stacked in the trunk. If your battery is dead and you have no other option, these cables can be used to jump-start the car’s engine instantly. You should connect the battery to another with similar voltage using the jumper cables. To use this device safely, you should maintain it in proper condition. It should have a minimum length of 10 feet and the clips should not be corroded to allow connection with the battery.

Tire Pressure Gauge

It is essential to ensure that your car’s tires are always filled to their maximum capacity. Sometimes, driving on rough roads can take its toll on tires. The air pressure is released and the tire may eventually fall flat. You need a tire pressure gauge to check the level of air pressure and to inflate a flat or leaky tire. It is connected to a valve for measuring the air pressure that evades from the tires.

Tow Straps

During sudden breakdowns, you need strong ropes or tow straps to pull your car safely. This tow strap should be cut to the proper size for safe towing. If you have this tool in your car, you don’t need to call an expensive tow truck.


Emergencies don’t always occur during the broad daylight. It can take place in the dark hours of the night as well. You should remain prepared with a bright flashlight in your car at all times. This flashlight can provide ample lighting to protect you and your car until help arrives. You can also check under the hood and do tiny repairs easily with its help. Preferably, choose a flashlight with a magnet to attach it to your car.

Having these tools in your car will protect you from many unforeseen emergency situations.

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