What Are the Best Car Wash Soaps?

June 21st, 2019 by

When it comes to taking care of your car, you want to invest in the best car wash soap. Avoid using soaps like dish detergents, as they are designed to fight against grease and can strip off your car’s paint wax or any other protective coating.

Car wash soaps are specially formulated to be used on clear coat and paint surfaces with an additional lubricant. This way, they gently wipe off grime and dust without doing damage. However, there are numerous car wash soaps available on the market and not all of them are the best. So, if you are finding it difficult to decide, we’ve shared with you some of the best car wash soaps available.

Mr. Pink Super Suds Car Wash Soap from Chemical Guys

This car wash soap from Chemical Guys is a premium option that is designed to be gentle on wax coatings and sealant. This car wash is pH balanced and won’t damage your car’s glass, rubber, polished metals, plastic trim pieces and vinyl.

Mr. Pink Super Suds Car Wash Soap is a slick formula that easily glides off the car, ensuring that scratches and swirl marks don’t appear while you wash. Also, the soap rinses clean without leaving behind any water spots or residue.

No Rinse Wash and Wax from Optimum

If you wish to conserve water or live in an area where there is not a convenient supply of water, then the Optimum No Rinse and Wax Wash is an excellent choice. This product is slightly more expensive than others, but using it makes sure that you don’t have to rinse the car with a hose.

This soap is free from soapy surfactants. It contains substantive polymers, which bond the paint and protect it from abrasion. Most importantly, it leaves a glossy and slick finish afterward.

Gold Class Car Wash from Meguiar

The Gold Class car wash from Meguiar is the most trusted and popular brand for car soap. It is an excellent car wash soap that contains an ultra-rich conditioner, which makes your car’s paint look the best. It does not strip away any wax protection and gets rid of all debris and dirt in a gentle way.

It is soap and conditioner, designed to both wash and condition your car at the same time. It gives a rich lather and glides smoothly over the surface, making it look clean and smell fresh.

Wash and Wax from Rain-X

Rain-X is a popular company specializing in rain protection for windshields. Wash and Wax is a high-foaming soap that dissolves and removes the dirt off your car’s surface, while the Carnauba wax in it offers extensive protection to your car’s finish.

It is a pH balanced and biodegradable formula that does not harm the exterior surfaces of the car.

ICE Car Wash from Turtle Wax

Finally, we have an affordable option that works effectively and is absolutely gentle on all finishes. The Turtle Ice Car Wash and Wax feature special gloss enhancing substances, which give your car a waxed appearance.

It comes with the ICE Smart Shield technology that offers more advanced cleaning and maximizes car care results.

With the perfect car wash soap, cleaning your car is very easy and less time-consuming. Moreover, it will not damage your car’s paint. Pick the best car wash soap from our list and give your car an amazing cleaning.

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