What Does Hyundai’s America’s Best Warranty Cover?

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Warranty in a vehicle protects the buyers from incurring expensive costs associated with repairs that are caused because of a manufacturer’s defect. Hyundai’s America’s Best Warranty Cover aims at providing drivers with optimum satisfaction. This coverage comes with features including:

  • New Vehicle Limited Warranty – 5-year/60,000-miles 
  • Powertrain Protection – 10-year/100,000-miles
  • 24-Hour Roadside Assistance – 5-year/unlimited miles 
  • Anti-Perforation Warranty – 7-year/unlimited miles 
  • Federal Emission Defect & Performance Warranty – 8-year/80,000-miles 
  • Replacement Parts and Accessories Limited Warranty – 12-month/12000-miles 
  • California Emission Control Systems Warranty – 7-year/70,000-miles 

If you own a Sonata Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid Plus, then you get following additional coverage: 

  • 2012-2019 Lifetime Electric/Hybrid Battery Warranty 
  • Hybrid Starter/Generator – 10-year/100,000-miles 
  • Hybrid Power Control Unit – 10-year/100,000-miles 
  • Automatic Transmission that includes traction motor – 10-year/100,000 miles

Benefits of Taking Vehicle Warranty 

Following are the prominent benefits associated with vehicle warranty: 

New Vehicle Warranty 

When you buy a new car, you will be provided with a new vehicle warranty or what is commonly referred to as a bumper-to-bumper warranty. This type of warranty doesn’t cover standard maintenance such as oil changes, brake car, wiper blade replacement, etc. Coverage under this type of warranty differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. 

Powertrain Warranty 

A powertrain warranty on a drivetrain warranty typically covers majority components of the vehicle, including the engine, transmission, transaxle parts, etc. If you deal with any manufacturer errors, these parts can be repaired or replaced without you having to bear any costs. While some manufacturers provide these warranties with deductibles, others charge no deductibles. 

Dealership Warranty 

When you buy a vehicle from a dealership, then you are provided with a dealership warranty. The coverage provided depends on different dealerships. There are generally particular stipulations with regards to what is covered, how it will be covered, etc., in a contract. Additionally, these stipulations may add that you can only have the vehicle serviced at the dealership, you have purchased the vehicle from. 

Extended Warranty 

Extended warranties are also referred to as aftermarket warranties. It covers a vehicle from an extended time period after the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty. It can be either purchased from a manufacturer or third-party dealer. When you are buying a vehicle, you should know whether or not the manufacturer provides an extended warranty. 

Emission Warranty 

This type of warranty typically covers the issues associated with emission for a specific year or mile. An emission warranty might be a part of a basic warranty, or it can be provided individually. However, it is very rare to find this type of warranty being offered separately. 

Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance is typically provided by car insurance companies; however, it may be provided by some car manufacturers as well. If you find yourself stranded on the roadside due to any vehicle issue, you can obtain free help if you are covered under this type of warranty. 

Being aware of different types of vehicle warranty and their benefits can help you save a lot of money in the long run. Above are some common types of vehicle warranty that you should be aware of. 

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