What Type of Coolant to Use for Your Car?

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It is very true that coolant is an overlooked fluid in cars and many car owners are only focused on engine oil. When your car engine burns fuel, it produces heat. As the engine burns more fuel, heat is generated exponentially. The coolant in the radiator works to reduce the engine temperature and keep it cool. You need to use the right type of coolant for your car and ensure the radiator is always filled with the recommended quantity of coolant. But what is the right type of coolant to use for your car? Read on to know.

What are the Types of Coolants?

There are three types of coolants in the market. Coolants are categorized by the corrosion inhibitor package they contain. The corrosion inhibitor package works to protect the engine from the attack of corrosion. Some of the unique features of corrosion inhibitor packages are anti-corrosive, scale prevention and high effectiveness. Radiator coolant plays an important role in enhancing engine life and saving power. Here is the list of coolant types.

IAT Coolant: It is one of the oldest coolant types that car manufacturers have been using for several decades. IAT coolants contain Ethylene Glycol as a base ingredient. It also contains silicate and phosphate additives which make it compatible with cast iron, copper, aluminum and brass cooling system components.

OAT Coolant: OAT coolants are widely used by the GM car manufacturer. OAT coolants have a propylene glycol base. OAT coolants do not have nitrite and these coolants have a longer service life of 60,000 miles or 12,000 engine hours.

HOAT Coolant: HOAT coolant is based on a low-silicate nitrite technology. Unlike other types of coolants, HOAT coolant needs supplemental coolant additives added at the first maintenance interval of 25,000 miles.

Why the Color of Coolant is Not Important

Coolants are available in vibrant colors like green, orange, red, purple and many more. However, the color coding of the coolant has no relation to its type. Experts advise not to mix two coolant types as it makes the coolant less effective and it may lead to engine damage in the long run.

How to Identify the Right Coolant to Use for Your Car

The easiest way to ensure the right coolant for your car is going to a car dealership and asking for the information. Car dealerships stock and sell coolants for all make and models of cars they sell. At the car dealership, you will get a coolant that is actually branded for your car. All major car manufacturers sell the coolants for their cars to the dealers. If you do not want to go to the car dealership for some reason, then you can find information about the right coolant for your car in the vehicle owner’s manual. There are several aftermarket coolant brands that you can use for your car. The packaging of the coolant mentions the “recommended for models” information that can help you pick the right coolant for your car.

Car manufacturers advise car owners to stick to the recommended coolant type as it ensures optimal protection of the engine and also enhances the performance of your car.

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